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Plandemic Docufilm  shares personal, social, political and historical subject matter of the Opioid Epidemic. Norfolk's  community response is documented in a factually accurate, informative, and sometimes entertaining manner.  Plandemic Docufilm consists of archival footage and interviews, supported by the narration of Archie Boone Jr.


This public health campaign media content is published under Norfolk Community Services Board and is for public use. All media shown is product of the City of Norfolk and Norfolk Community Service Board, and was created while Archie Boone Jr. acted in the role of Program Coordinator for Partnerships for Success.  

Take the time to review the prevalence of opioid overdose is in the state. You quickly realize they are common. They are endemic. The impact is enormous. The public health impact of opioid overdoses can only be ignored as a matter of conscious choice. With this information, comes the responsibility to use it. The first step towards healing comes with understanding the problem.


The role of teaching and presenting the Opioid Naloxone Education presentations is powerful and strategic. All words and commitments are vital to the future we all want for our children, grandchildren, and future of public health. 



This docufilm is intended to fully engage large numbers of people to develop common language and common understanding about how experience shapes well-being, and to invite them to realize ideas and actions to prevent opioid overdoses and their effects.



This docufilm is intentionally designed to generate improvement in:


1) community contact or response in human need

2) knowledge, skills, attitude, behavior or status of individuals and their families as it relates to preventing opioid overdoses and or monitoring the effects of overdoses



Our society has treated opioid overdoses and chaotic experiences of individuals as an oddity that is adequately dealt with by emergency response systems. These services of the systems are necessary; the system is worthy of all the thanks that it receives, but the perceived whole, whose elements do not interact well to continually affect each other and operate towards a common goal, is failing.