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Happy Couple

Presented by Archie Boone
Father & CEO at HOLLA, LLC.

2018 The glass bottle presentation

Father Boone purchased a truck and distributed products from Hampton Roads to Washington, D.C. Inspiring his young son, then age 6,  Adam Boone suggested that the family sell juice to exhausted consumers. Dad and son rushed to the store to make purchases. Together, they delivered fruit juice in a 16 oz. glass jar.  The glass bottle presentation was a hit. Now, proceeds benefit HOLLA Homeschool Academy.


2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

The 2010's represent  a decade with a series of ambitious milestones and achievements for The Boone’s. First, launching Scrub Delight, and several years later, HOLLA LLC.  At home, The Boone reprioritized mental health and wellness. 


2021 Juices2Go Refrigerators launched

Daddy (Archie) Boone’s futuristic vision of giving the consumer the best packaging and refreshing drinks continues by the successful launch of Juices2Go Refrigerators. Now consumers can locate a fridge and use virtual payments. No cash necessary. 


2021 SDBodyWorks at For the Love of Hair Mogulbar 

Regina, Owner-Operator of For the Love of Hair; Archie, Owner-Operator of SDBodyWorks; and ShQuita, Holistic Health Specialist, team up to curate the Mogulbar experience. Together, this team aspires to be the consumer's biggest cheerleaders, while visiting their place of business. Services includes locs, braiding, juice and tea tasting, and holistic health consultations.